Selling Your First Home

Sell Like A Pro!

Selling your home is an exciting journey! It can signify new adventures to come. However, selling a home can also be a stressful process. Having strangers in your house at any given time and having to keep everything clean and tidy can be daunting.

There are a number of strategies you can take when selling your home. The ultimate goal is to close the deal, and your Realtor will be your biggest ally.

If you’re ready to sell like a pro, you need to know the ins and outs of selling! You can benefit from learning and avoiding the mistakes of others before you.

During our time together, I will share tips and tricks of the trade to ensure a successful selling process, which is why I invite you to attend my next webinar, Selling Your First Home, on Tuesday, February 25th at 4:00 pm MST.

Gaining Real Estate Confidence

No matter the market trends, there will always be homes for sale and buyers looking! Knowing tips to help sell your home can be invaluable. It’s also important to understand the myths of selling.

Below are a number of myths you should stop believing:

#1 The property’s selling price is set by the seller.
Yes, as the seller you will set the price. However, the market will dictate what you can reasonably expect to get.

#2 Overpricing a home results in higher prices.
This is rarely the case!

#3 The longer the marketing time, the better the offers.
Wrong. The truth of the matter is that the longer a property sits on the market, the more likely lower offers will come in!

#4 A quick offer means the property’s priced too low.
The combination of a correctly-priced home and the right buyer can be a beautiful thing!

#5 Selling a home “For Sale By Owner” saves money.
A lot more goes into selling a home than you may realize. Do your research and make sure this is something you’re ready to actually take on.

Hosted by:

Results Real Estate Team Nick & Annette Martin

A Successful Selling Experience

As a real estate agent, it’s my job to help home buyers and sellers have a stress-free experience. When it comes to selling, there are a number of tried and true techniques at your disposal to make the selling process quick and painless.

My personal goal for Selling Your First Home is to provide you the information, resources, and encouragement you need to get your home ready for buyers. Having an easy-going selling experience is possible with the tips I have to offer.

During this webinar, I will share a number of tips based on my past success of selling homes as well as a detailed list of dos and don’ts for first-time sellers. Even if your home is already on the market, check out my tricks to see if there’s anything you may have let out.

Anyone looking to sell their first home can benefit from this webinar. Please feel free to invite others in need of home selling advice. All are welcome to Selling Your First Home!

This webinar is guaranteed to help prepare you for the exciting journey of selling your first home!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Tuesday, February 25th At 4:00 pm MST!