Stress Management For Home Buyers

Keep Calm - It’s Only A House!

Did you know that house-hunters and prospective homeowners experience a significantly higher level of stress and anxiety than their ‘settled’ counterparts?

Did you know that on average, most sellers in the current American house market will receive between 15-20 offers before finally settling with one buyer?

This depends on several factors however, such as location, market, house type, and kind of lease, but it helps to have an idea of what you’re up against!

It’s exactly this kind of statistic that can cause elevated stress and anxiety levels, yet it’s an important one to be aware of as you enter into your search for the ideal home.

The struggle between maintaining a calm composure and navigating the ups and downs of the housing market is a very real issue. It is one that can lead to poor and impulsive decisions which will ultimately affect the rest of your time living in your chosen location.

To help home buyers counteract this stress, I am hosting Stress Management For Home Buyers on Monday, August 24th at 4:00 pm MST to allow house-hunters to learn to recognize and manage signs of stress and anxiety related to buying a home.

Too Many Stressed Out Home-Buyers Regret Their Actions

Too often we hear about stressed-out home buyers closing a deal on a home they are only partially satisfied with. They do this to finally be rid of the stress it can cause to search for the right home. Oftentimes they will ignore the symptoms of their stress, instead of acknowledging them.

Stresses involved in buying a home include:

- Hidden costs
- Waiting for confirmation
- Securing a loan
- Choosing between properties
- Maintaining balance in other areas of life as you do all of this

These are all unfortunate necessary steps through the housing market today and we believe that they shouldn’t have to come with the added stress and uncertainty which many potential buyers unfortunately suffer from.

Learn how to recognize your signs of stress when buying a home - how they manifest, what areas are affected, and how you can return to a balanced, stable mindset before making any big decisions.

Hosted by:

Results Real Estate Team Nick & Annette Martin


I am motivated to share the realities of the stress that comes with buying a home and how this can impact your decisions. I believe that everybody has the right to find the perfect home, and to do so it’s vital to act and proceed from a place of stable clarity.

Lowering stress levels is key to this.

As everybody’s house-hunting journey and relationship with stress is different, during Stress Management For Home Buyers you will:

- Learn to recognize YOUR signs of stress and anxiety
- Become clear on what you want to achieve from your house-hunting goals
- Become aware of hidden costs and potential stressors in the housing market
- Clarify your next steps

I believe there is a dream home for everyone, and that managing stress is key to navigating the stressful nature of the housing market today!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Monday, August 24th At 4:00 pm MST!

When And Where
From August 24, 2020 - 04:00 PM To 5:00 PM MST
233, Suite 24048, E Southern Ave Tempe 85282 United States